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Updated: May 7, 2022 at 4:29 pm

Do you want guaranteed issue life insurance, with no health questions, up to 100k in death benefit?


Great. There is a way to obtain $100,000 of guaranteed life issue insurance, which means no or limited underwriting.

Great! How do I apply?

We will tell you how.

First, if you read this article before, you understand there was a carrier that offered guaranteed issue life insurance up to 100k.

Unfortunately, that program no longer exists.

However, we do have other options that we wanted to share.

In this article, we discuss how you can obtain $100,000, guaranteed issue life insurance.

Let me be transparent. It’s not perfect, but you can still obtain $100,000 of life insurance at guaranteed issue (depending on your age and state availability).

Here is what we will discuss:

Let’s level set with the prior program so you understand what happened in the past, and what is being offered now.

Prior 100k Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Program And What Is Available Now

About 2 years ago, a limited partnership offered life insurance to its contractors. It was essentially guaranteed issue. There was only one question, and that question asked if the applicant worked full-time in gainful employment.

If yes, the person qualified for the life insurance.

It is true; you would have had to join the limited partnership, which is a data-sharing company. In order to have the life insurance policy, you would have had to agree to share your online browsing data.

As we wrote in our original article, it was a rather benign situation. (Although, it did not seem that way.)

Your information was encrypted. Additionally, we discussed ways to mitigate any privacy concerns and keep you at ease. We also discussed that the limited partnership would pay you for your data (and send you a 1099 statement as an independent contractor).

The benefit of all this was the life insurance (and other types of insurance as well). You had access to $100,000 of guaranteed issue whole life insurance with no waiting period. That is rather unheard of. You see, the carrier didn’t underwrite based on an applicant’s health; only if he or she worked in gainful employment. Someone with cancer could have applied and received life insurance.

If he or she passed away the next day, the carrier was liable for the death benefit.

No Health Underwriting

You can see that is a problem when a carrier doesn’t underwrite based on health and has no waiting period to mitigate quick death-benefit claims.

Fast forward to late 2021, we, like many agents, received notification that thehow we structure guaranteed issue life insurance up to 100k carrier exited the limited partnership. I only surmised that they had many immediate claims, and it just didn’t make financial sense for them to remain the life insurance carrier for the limited partnership. (Note: as of today, there has not been a replacement carrier. If one is announced, we will update this article accordingly.)

We understood those ramifications. So, when people called us to inquire about this program, and they were significantly sick or ill with a potentially short life expectancy (even if they did work), it just did not make honest sense to enroll them. While we work in the best interests of clients, that also means we must work in the best interests of the carriers we represent, too.

I am happy to say that all the people who enrolled with us have remained on the books (no claims) and still are grandfathered into the program. That tells you we did our due diligence and proper field underwriting to ensure the solvency of the program.

Too bad it did not last long.

What Is Available Now?

After doing research, we now have a 100k guaranteed issue life option. However, it is not perfect. No insurance is truly perfect.

We have access to many guaranteed issue life insurance carriers, some of which are available for ages 0 to 39. In other words, we have a few carriers that provide guaranteed issue life insurance under the age of 40.

Read on to learn more about the program. First, we will discuss the parameters of the program.

Parameters For Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Up To 100k

There are parameters for our guaranteed issue life insurance program up to $100,000.

First, all the policies contain a 2-year waiting period. Generally speaking, this means if you were to pass away by illness or natural causes in the first 2 years, your beneficiaries receive the premiums you paid + interest. (Note: carriers may have specific terms and provisions with their waiting period.)

After 2 years, the policy pays the death benefit in full.

At any point, if you were to pass within the 2 years period by an accident (i.e. accidental death), then the policy pays 100%. (Except for one carrier that does pay about 80% to 90%.)

So, the 2-year waiting period is simply on illnesses and natural causes.

I think you will agree with me that that makes sense, right? The carrier does not underwrite, so it does not know the health status of the applicants. The 2-year waiting period protects them and avoids what allegedly happened to the carrier through the limited partnership.

Second, these policies are usually whole life insurance policies. Whole life is designed to last your lifetime, offers cash value, and has fixed premiums.

The carriers also limit the death benefit to $25,000. However, there is one carrier that goes up to $50,000 at guaranteed issue (almost – a couple of questions to answer, but most people qualify).

So, yes, that means you have to enroll in 3 to 4 different carriers to obtain the $100,000 of guaranteed issue life insurance.

It’s not perfect, but it is available.

Availability Depends On Where You Live

Additionally, carrier availability depends on the state where you live. In other words, not all carriers are available in all states. For example, New York residents only have $25,000 available, not $100,000. Moreover, you currently have to be over the age of 50. However, we do work with one carrier that offers a guaranteed issue program every few years.

One more thing: if you have an incapacitated individual like someone with Down Syndrome or autism, you can only purchase up to $25,000. Contact us to discuss more or scroll down.

Who Could Use 100k Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance?

Really, anyone. However, as we discussed in our guaranteed issue life insurance guide, there possibly are other options for you instead of guaranteed issue life insurance. These options include:

      1.  traditionally underwritten life insurance
      2.  simplified issue life insurance

In both cases, the premium cost will be less than that on a guaranteed issue life insurance policy, all things being equal. Additionally, you would qualify for an immediate benefit. In other words, no 2-year waiting period.

Contact us to find out. We always try for an immediate benefit.

Unfortunately, there are situations where you don’t qualify for an immediate benefit. This is where a guaranteed issue plan is helpful.

Wait, John, I remember in a previous article you wrote that you should stay away from a guaranteed issue policy.

Yes, in our 5 burial insurances not to buy article, we did state that. The reason is most people can qualify for an immediate benefit.

However, maybe you don’t want or need underwritten life insurance. If not, guaranteed issue life insurance is good for:

(1) people who want a quick and easy application process. They don’t mind paying extra.

(2) people who have moderate to severe health conditions, or a lifestyle situation, and can’t qualify for an underwritten life insurance policy

Health Conditions That Generally Qualify For Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

So, guaranteed issue life insurance is good for people who have:


Huntington’s Disease

Obese / high BMI

Recent heart conditions such as a cardiomyopathy


Kidney Dialysis

Complications From Diabetes


Convicted felonies / current probation

Drug / Alcohol abuse or use


Current cancer treatments

Issues with activities of daily living

Residing in a nursing home or assisted living facility

If you have any of these conditions or situations, you are probably eligible for the guaranteed issue life insurance up to 100k.

Let’s discuss in more detail the availability by age range.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Up To 100k For Ages 0 to 39, With Estimated Rates

We have access to 2 guaranteed issue life insurance carriers that will insure people under the age of 40.

Are you sure about that, John? I am aware of only carriers insuring beyond age 50.

Yes, we do have access.

With one carrier we work with, you can apply up to $50,000.

With the other one, you can apply up to $25,000.

So, not $100,000, but close. I think you will agree with me that having $75,000 is better than nothing, especially for someone under the age of 40.

John, the 2-year waiting period still applies, right?

Yes. If you were to pass away within the first 2 years of the policies’ start dates, then your beneficiaries would receive some pro-rated amount. Usually, the amount returned is the premiums you paid up until your death.

In order to qualify for $100,000, you would need to apply with an “almost” guaranteed issue plan. See below for more information.

Estimated Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Rates For Someone Under The Age Of 40

Here are estimated rates for those under the age of 40. I arbitrarily picked a 30-year-old man and woman. These rates are subject to change anytime. Additionally, the life insurance is subject to state availability.

Remember, we can offer up to $75,000. If we can offer up to $100,000, we will, of course, update accordingly. Again, depending on your situation, additional life insurance is available.

to show guaranteed issue life insurance rates 100k for a 35 year old

The rate isn’t that bad. Remember, these are whole life policies. Whole life policies are designed to last your lifetime. The premiums remain fixed. The policies grow cash value.

Why did I include a “payback” data point? Well, I hear many times that people tell me they will just invest when I tell them the premium.

The payback period represents the timeframe when the premiums you pay will equal the benefit, in this case $75,000.

So, for the 30-year-old woman, if she saves $146 per month, she will have accumulated $75,000 in 43 years.

I think you will agree with me that a person:

(1) probably won’t save that long,

(2) likely won’t save at all, and

(3) has a chance of passing away before he or she fully saves

So, all decisions point to purchasing the life insurance.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Up To $100,000 Ages 40 To 89, With Estimated Rates

At or after age 40, your options to secure 100k of guaranteed issue life insurance are more plentiful.

Remember, however, that availability is subject to state approval. Many states do not have all carriers available. Contact us to find out who is available in your state.

Here are breakdowns for a man and a woman, age 45 and age 55.

to show guaranteed issue life insurance rates up to 100k for 45 and 55 year oldsThese prices may seem a little outrageous; however, keep in mind a few things:

  • These policies generate cash value.
  • Do you really think you can save this amount each month?
  • What if you pass away before the payback period ends? What will your loved ones do?

As before, the decision ends with purchasing the life insurance.

If you’d like to search your own rates, feel free to search in our tool below. Note the disclosure. Also, not all carriers participate in the quoting tool. It is important to contact us in order to see what you are eligible for.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance For Incapacitated Individuals

If you have an incapacitated individual who is unable to answer questions and sign for himself or herself, you still have life insurance options.

Although generally rare, a couple of carriers do allow a power of attorney or guardian to apply and sign a guaranteed issue life insurance application.

You can purchase up to $25,000 with each carrier.

This is a nice option for people who have loved ones with:

The guaranteed issue life insurance is an appropriate product for these situations. There are no health questions or underwriting. It makes the process very easy. Keep in mind, however, the 2-year waiting period. That still applies.

Again, you do have to have a power of attorney or guardianship authority. Moreover, from what the carriers tell me, you also must have the legal authority to sign contracts and financial documents. Sometimes, this is spelled out as such.

Other times, however, such authority is described as having the authority for the person’s estate or property.

However, sometimes, this authority is left out. If it is, then you do not have the authority to sign contracts and financial documents on behalf of the person. In other words, you can’t purchase the life insurance.

I am not a lawyer, and I advise you to consult a qualified attorney in your area if you have specific questions.

Nevertheless, we have helped many families obtain life insurance for their loved ones who are in incapacitated situations.

Contact us if you have any questions. We are happy to help.

(Almost) Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Options

John, I do have a serious health condition, but I think I might qualify for something other than guaranteed issue life insurance.

There is no harm in applying for an underwritten policy. Many carriers nowadays have a simplified issue underwriting process. This type of process usually involves answering some health questions and signing the application. The carrier then looks up your information in databases including the MIB and prescription drug database.

There are no exams, blood samples, urinalysis, etc.

If you want to try for an underwritten plan, contact us. We can discuss and see what options you have.

Having said that, there are some “almost” guaranteed issue plans that have a handful of health questions.

They are graded benefit plans which means they will pay a percentage of the death benefit if you pass away in the first 2 years. For example, a graded benefit plan might pay 30% of the death benefit in the first year and 70% in the second year. After the second year, it pays 100%.

There are several “almost” guaranteed issue plans that we discuss next:

“Almost” Guaranteed Term Life Insurance To Age 100

Here is an option. You can purchase up to $30,000 of life insurance. You have to be between the ages of 40 and 80 to apply. The life insurance goes up to age 100.

There’s no smoking or tobacco distinction.

Here are the health questions. If you can answer these, you pretty much qualify for the life insurance.

Note on question #2. It asks if you have been diagnosed, not if you have been receiving treatment. So, you can qualify for the life insurance if you have or undergoing any treatment such as medication.

A Simplified Whole Life Option

Here is another option. On this one, you can purchase up to $25,000, ages 40 to 90 apply.

There are no height/weight charts, MIB look-ups, or prescription drug checks. If you can answer “no” to these, you have life insurance:

If you can say “no”, you generally have life insurance.

How We Can Help You Obtain 100k Of Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

We hope you see that guaranteed issue life insurance up to 100k is available.

Is our process perfect? No. However, you can purchase up to $100,000 if you need it, subject to your age and state availability.

Additionally, we went over some “almost” guaranteed issue plans.

This brings us to an important point. Contact us so we know your health situation.

Far too often, people enroll in a guaranteed issue life insurance plan because the application is easy.

It is!

However, they do themselves a disservice because they might have qualified for an immediate benefit or a lower premium rate.

So, just contact us or use the form below. We are happy to go over your options.

As we always say, there is no risk in contacting us. You see, unlike other agencies, we must work in your best interest. It’s the only way we know how. If we can’t help you, no problem. You’ll learn a little more, and we will part as friends.

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