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understanding dental insurance saves you moneyDo you ignore your dental needs? You shouldn’t. More and more reputable sources state that going to the dentist regularly helps avoid costly services. Moreover, a quality dentist and his or her team help identify potential long-term problems with your mouth and teeth. Finally, many physicians and health organizations state how important your dental health is to your overall health. (Come on…the Mayo Clinic would not lie here…)

We specialize in helping individuals and families secure affordable dental insurance. Contrary to what you think, dental insurance is not a waste of money. We dispel that idea in our understanding dental insurance guide. If you are spending too much money on dental insurance, or if you think it’s a waste of money, you are approaching it all wrong.

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You Can't Forget About Vision, Either...

Your vision is important…no matter what age. Before we get into what vision insurance covers, let’s discuss what it does not cover.

It does not cover eye surgery. That’s usually covered by your health insurance.

Lasik surgery isn’t usually covered directly, although many plans state that their providers offer discounts for Lasik surgery.

Vision insurance covers your glasses, contacts, and provides a free or low-cost eye exam. Most plans are, what I call, a “co-pay” plan. You pay a copay for a certain lens, for example. If you want trifocals, that might be an extra co-pay.

There are only a handful of vision carriers with many optometrists accepting one of the plans. You can be certain your optometrist, or one in your area, accepts a plan.

People usually ask us if vision insurance is worth the money. Absolutely, it is. The discounts and copays are worth much compared to the premium.

Vision insurance can be especially important for seniors on Medicare, as Medicare does not cover vision needs. Additionally, some plans cover contact lenses whereas others do not.

Finally, Hearing...

Yes, there is hearing insurance. Usually, hearing insurance is part of your medical or health insurance. Additionally, many supplement plans include coverage for doctor visits. These visits include a visit to an audiologist.

However, hearing aids aren’t usually covered and can be very expensive. The good news is that we work with several hearing aid plans and insurances that can reimburse you up to 80% of your hearing aid cost.

That means a $2,000 hearing aid will, in effect, cost you $400. This is just an example. True savings are based on your situation.

You Can Be Confident We Can Meet Your Dental, Vision, Or Hearing Needs

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