Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Under Age 40

Updated: May 18, 2020 at 6:50 am

to introduce guaranteed issue life insurance under age 40You read about guaranteed issue life insurance, and have a loved one under age 40. You think it might be a good fit for him or her.

Or, maybe you are under age 40 and know that a guaranteed issue life insurance policy would work better for you in your circumstances.

You inquire about it, and the carrier or agent says that guaranteed issue life insurance for someone under age 40 is not available. They say you have to wait. You feel dejected.

No worries, though. We work with a couple of carriers that offer a guaranteed issue life insurance plan that is available for people under age 40.

In this article, we will:

  • give a brief overview of what guaranteed life insurance is
  • describe the plan we like to work with
  • discuss other options instead of guaranteed issue life insurance, some maybe you have not considered

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We give you a brief overview of guaranteed issue life insurance next.

What Is Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance?

Guaranteed issue life insurance is just how it sounds. The carrier guarantees policy approval.

We wrote about guaranteed issue life insurance in more detail. Feel free to check the article out.

That means there are no health questions to answer. The carrier does not look up your application history through the MIB or look up your prescription drug history.

All you do is fill out an application, pay the first month’s premium, and you have life insurance

It’s that simple.

While that all sounds great, there are some drawbacks to guaranteed issue life insurance.

The first is guaranteed issue life insurance is more expensive than a comparable underwritten policy. The reason is that there is no underwriting. The carrier charges more because it does not know the mortality risk it is undertaking. The applicant could die tomorrow or 20 years from now. The carrier doesn’t know.

Since the carrier doesn’t know the level of risk, it implements a waiting period on the death benefit. The waiting period is usually 2 or 3 years, depending on the carrier. If you die within the waiting period by sickness or other natural cause, then the carrier pays your beneficiary the premiums you paid during that time frame plus interest.

If you die after the waiting period, then the carrier pays the death benefit 100% in full.

Usually, you can purchase up to $25,000 in life insurance. Typically, the life insurance is whole life insurance.

Additionally, many carriers that offer guaranteed issue life insurance for people at 50 or older. Only a few carriers offer it at age 40 and under.

But, we work with a carrier that offers guaranteed life insurance starting at age 0, essentially newborn.

Let’s talk about this plan more next.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance For People Under Age 40

There are only a handful of carriers that will allow guaranteed issue life insurance for people under age 40.

We work with a couple, but there is one that stands out because it will cover newborns (age 0) all the way up to age 85. So, the guaranteed issue life insurance plan covers age 0 to 85.

The plan has a 2 year waiting period on the death benefit.

Additionally, you can purchase up to $25,000.

An advantage of the plan is that a guardian, power of attorney, or trust can be the owner or the beneficiary. Many guaranteed life insurance carriers don’t allow someone other than the insured to own the policy. This option is huge for families with loved ones inflicted with mental incapacity.

The life insurance is not available in every state. Please contact us or form below to find out.


Who Can Use This Life Insurance?

Many people of all ages. Children and adults who have:


(2) Muscular dystrophy

(3) cancer

(4) illegal drug use

(5) alcohol abuse

(6) Huntington’s disease

(7) cerebral palsy

(8) a disability which prevents full-time employment

(9) Kidney disease

(10) Cirrhosis / severe liver disease

(11) Alzheimer’s / dementia

(12) ALS

(13) sever heart ailments

(14) severe respiratory ailments

(15) Down syndrome

(16) Autism

(17) severe nervous disorders

(18) mental incapacity


The list goes on and on…

Fact is this life insurance is very flexible because it covers a wide range of ages.

You might be thinking how much all of this costs, so let’s discuss that next.


Premium Cost Of Guaranteed Life Insurance

The carrier has male and female rates. Here they are as follows, at the time of this article writing, for ages 0 through 50.

Of course, you can purchase a lower amount such as $10,000 or $15,000. The most you can purchase is $25,000.

If you want to compare costs, feel free to. Use the quoting tool below. Just enter the necessary information. Under “health class”, select “poor health” (this is important).  Then, click on “Get Quotes Now”.


Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Application Process

It’s simple. The carrier has an electronic application available. Also, we can apply via traditional paper and pen.

We have helped clients either way. Which way is really up to you. However, if you are applying for someone else as guardian or power of attorney, then a paper and pen application might be more feasible.

There are a couple of administrative questions to answer. Again, no health questions on the application.

Just remember that if you are applying for someone else, and that person is an adult, you will need to supply the required guardianship, power of attorney, or trust paperwork.

Other Options Instead Of The Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

We would be remiss if we did not discuss other life insurance options.

More often than not, even people with moderate health conditions can find better life insurance options than guaranteed issue life insurance.

For example, we have helped many individuals with multiple sclerosis, heart disease and other heart problems, rheumatoid arthritis, among many other conditions obtain affordable life insurance with no waiting period.

The type of life insurance available to you really depends on your situation as well as the severity of any health conditions.

So, before you think you need a guaranteed issue life insurance policy, it is best to really assess your situation and work with an independent agency like My Family Life Insurance. Independent agencies like us work with nearly all of the life insurance carriers, We can tell you if a guaranteed life insurance policy is indeed needed in your situation.

We do work with one carrier that offers a nearly-almost guaranteed issue life insurance policy, up to $100,000. We discuss this option briefly next.


(Almost) Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Up To $100,000

We do work with one carrier that offers up to $100,000 of life insurance. It is not guaranteed issue life insurance as there is, essentially, one question to answer.

It’s a two-part question. However, it is an easy question to answer, but a telling one:

“Are you working and are you able to perform the normal activities of someone of like age?”

Think about that for a minute. If you are 30 years old, but don’t work because of a disability or you are in a wheelchair, your answer is no. Normal activity of someone who is 30 years old is someone who can walk and go to work.

Additionally, someone who can read, write, and carry a conversation are normal activities.

Nevertheless, if you can truthfully answer this question, you will obtain life insurance in a breeze.

The life insurance is underwritten by an A-rated carrier. The carrier offers two types of life insurance:

(1) term life insurance

(2) universal life insurance

The application ages are 16 to 75.

This life insurance is a viable option for people with HIV or AIDS. Additionally, it is an option for people with Huntington’s disease.

Many people could benefit from this life insurance.

If you would like to learn more about this option, feel free to contact us of refer to our article where we discuss this (almost) guaranteed issue life insurance, up to $100,000 in more detail.

How We Can Help

Yes, guaranteed issue life insurance is available for people under the age of 40. Do you feel you or have a loved one who could benefit?

If so, the next step is to contact us or use the form below. We can help make that determination.

Unlike other agencies, we are not beholden to one or two life insurance carriers. Only to you! I know that sounds strange. Contact us. You won’t regret it. If the guaranteed life insurance isn’t for your situation, at least you learned something new, and we will part as friends. Seriously! You see, we always act in your best interest. That means if something else works better in your situation, we recommend that. Even if it is something we don’t offer.

Learn More

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  1. Because of so many denials by others, I need to know what company will provide a guaranteed issue policy to a 35 yr old with mental incapacity.

    1. Hi Kenn,

      Thanks for visiting us and the comments. Availability really depends on where you live (i.e. state) and if you have a properly executed POA and or Guardianship in force. Feel free to reply back or give us a call at (800) 645-9841 to discuss. I am happy to help.


    1. Hi Marcella,

      Thanks for reaching out to us. Yes, we work with 2 carriers that have guaranteed issue life insurance starting at age 0.

      If you’d like to learn more, please give us a call at (800) 645-9841.


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