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My Family Life is an independent insurance agency, offering instant life insurance quotes, comparison services, educational resources, and resources for other types of insurance geared towards protecting you, your family, or your business. My Family Life Insurance focuses on you. We care about you. We care about your family. That might sound strange coming from an insurance company. Maybe in your dealings with some other agencies, you dealt with uncaring individuals or companies focused on themselves rather than you. Not with us. We believe in placing you and your interests first, giving you peace of mind if the unexpected were to happen.

Whereas some insurance agencies and advisors work only for one company (these are known as captive agents), we work for you. We have access to and work with over 70 insurance companies, ensuring we connect the best insurance value and cost for your unique situation. And, we know about unique situations – we have worked with all types of individuals, families, and business owners regarding their specific situation.

Feel free to check out our website for educational materials regarding life insurance, disability insurance, and other important insurances designed to protect you, your family, or business. If you are searching for life insurance, feel free to use our quoting tool on this page to determine how much a policy could potentially cost. You can even apply yourself! If you are looking for other types of insurance, we have other resources to help you out as well.

We know you can go anywhere for these services.  There are many firms that do some of the things we do, and many do not do them all. Yet, very few of them share our “why”:

to help you obtain the most affordable insurance, ensuring you and your family are protected upon your injury, disability, or death.

When you contact us, you are not contacting a call center. You will be in touch with one of our independent agents. Remember, too, you are never obligated to purchase insurance from us. Your information will never be shared or sold, and won’t go to 50 other agents as can be the case with other online portals.

Our efforts do not stop after you accepted insurance. We want you to call us first, rather than the insurance company, if you have any questions or if you or a beneficiary needs assistance filling out a claim. In our experience, we have found that worked well. We can gather the necessary information from you and then contact the insurance company, bringing you in as needed.

It’s a fact; no matter where you go to find out the best price of insurance, insurance carrier pricing is the same. We all have the same rates. The rates have to be the same; they are regulated by law. The difference between one agency and another lies in the experience and service you receive. Expect…

…our duty to put your interests first at all times. That means we won’t place you in a product that does not meet your needs and goals and benefits us more than you.
…to hear from us. We are always “on.” Give us a call, send an email, or shoot us a text. No matter which method you choose, we will be here. And, if we aren’t, leave a message, and we will get back to you within 24 hours. It is our guarantee.
…to be a priority. We know you belong to a family. Your family and their love are important to you. You and your family have dreams and goals. Insurance is important to protect those dreams and goals.
…a simple process. Do you think we need to meet face-to-face? Nah. We know you are busy. When you are ready, we can set up the application online and over the phone. Depending on your circumstances and the insurance options selected, your application may be processed that day, be processed within 48 hours, or have to go through a full underwriting process with the insurance carrier. If it’s the last case, our back office support team will contact you to finalize the details and schedule your paramedical exam. Either way, the process is easy and streamlined. If you want to fill out the application yourself, you can!
…to be educated. We believe knowledge is power, and that is something at My Family Life we promote handily. Many of our agents are former financial planners and advisors, understanding the importance and role of insurance in supporting a family’s needs, goals, and future. We are here as trusted partners to ensure you are comfortable and making the right decision.
…us to understand your situation so you have the right type of insurance, rather than the wrong one or simply the lowest cost (because you can go anywhere for the lowest cost and anyone can get you the lowest cost) or some other plain-vanilla option. If you ever had to deal with a claim or another situation, you may understand that lowest cost or the basic option may not necessarily be the best strategy for your situation.
We at My Family Life Insurance have YOUR back – really. A lot of agencies say that, but their actions don’t always match their words. We work doggedly to get you the right type of insurance for your situation, even if it takes months to do so, and have helped many individuals, families, and business owners secure the people they love and their futures. Feel free to call, text, or email us. We will be happy to discuss your situation. No pressure and nothing “salesy.”

If you would like to learn more about us, feel free to read a recent interview with Financestrategists.com.

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