Who Is United Farm Family Life / United Home Life?

Updated: April 12, 2024 at 9:40 am

Life Insurance ReviewWe are sure you have never heard of United Farm Family Life/ United Home Life (The company either is UFFL or UHL depending on the state you live). They are a life insurance company. You might say to yourself, “Duh, coming from this website, what else they would be?” Well, what you don’t know is that they are very unique. They operate in a niche, and they help provide life insurance to people quite well. In this article, you will learn some of the strengths of UFFL/UHL , and if they are a good fit for your situation, either now or some time down the road. The below is the opinion of My Family Life Insurance only.

The Strengths of United Farm Family / United Home Life

The first strength that stands out about UFFL/UHL is that all of their life insurance plans (we’ll get to them further in the article) are simplified issue. None of their plans require a medical exam whatsoever.  (The carrier does reserve the right to administer a medical exam. Applicants in Wisconsin must submit additional underwriting requirements.)  As you are aware, this speeds up the underwriting and approval process. UFFL/UHL typically approves applications within 3 to 5 business days; however, through their underwriting process (described next), you will receive a tentative approval instantaneously.

The Underwriting Process

Another advantage is their life insurance process is very simple. Their motto is even “life insurance made simple”. Their application and underwriting process involves the following:

  • usually a one-page application consisting of yes/no health questions
  • telephone interview with an underwriter to confirm application answers

That is it. During the interview, the underwriter will look up the applicant’s MIB record and prescription drug history. At the end of the interview, the underwriter will either tentatively approve, offer a alternative plan based on answers and MIB/drug report, or decline altogether.

What Kind Of Insurance Do They Offer?

They offer various types of insurance. Some types may not be offered in your state:

  • simplified issue whole life insurance
  • guaranteed issue whole life
  • insurance for juveniles and children
  • term life insurance policies
  • accidental death insurance policy

Who Can Benefit from Their Insurance?

Applicable ages range from 0 to 80, depending on the insurance plan. If you are healthy or with minor health complications, and have no problem going through a full underwriting process, that option may be less expensive. However, this insurance can help people who:

  • do not want to go through medical underwriting
  • need insurance rather quickly
  • only need a simple amount to cover burial expenses and other similar situations
  • have health complications like type 1 diabetes – UFFL/UHL prides itself in offering type 1 and type 2 diabetics immediate death benefit. Contrast this with most insurance carriers, which would offer a modified or graded death benefit
  • have high risk occupations or hobbies and can utilize their accident plan
  • would like to start a child or grandchild with life insurance

What Kind Of Death Benefits And Options Are Available?

Depending on the type of insurance, death benefits are available up to $200,000. Based on your application answers, you will be either offered a graded, modified, or immediate death benefit.

You might think that death benefit is too low for your needs, and you may be right. Remember, United Farm Family / United Home Life  insurance is non-medical life insurance and they operate in a niche of people with health conditions. They aren’t necessarily going to undertake the risk of a higher death benefit.

Shadowed by their simplified process is the many riders that are available on their insurance plans, some at no cost. The type of rider depends on the insurance plan and the state you reside. The riders include:

  • waiver of premium
  • terminal illness
  • child insurance
  • accidental death
  • identity theft rider
  • hospital stay rider

Final Thoughts

We need to stress that United Farm Family / United Home Life life insurance has helped many individuals with type 1 diabetes. In our experience with other carriers, type 1 diabetics would be approved at a modified or graded benefit, or not at all depending upon other circumstances. UFFL/UHL’s underwriting process made it possible for these people to acquire full, immediate life insurance at a reasonable cost. Because of its application and underwriting process, UHL/UFFL insurance may be beneficial to those with other health conditions as well or overweight. One of their insurance plans, Express Issue Whole Life, rates to 16 tables, which essentially means it incorporates many health conditions.

In conclusion, we at My Family Life Insurance believe United Farm Family / United Home Life offers a unique life insurance solution for many people. If you would like to know more about their offerings, and possibly how they can help you in your situation, feel free to reach out to us either by phone call, text, or email. We would be happy to help you.

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