Life Insurance For People Without A Social Security Number

Updated: November 18, 2019 at 4:30 pm

life insurance for people without a social security number

You understand that, yes, you need life insurance. However, you don’t have a social security number. Maybe you’ve applied elsewhere, and the carrier declines your application because you don’t have a social security number. You are concerned about your family and loved ones if something were to happen to you. You know you need life insurance. However, you need the right documentation.  Is that holding you back? Luckily, we have options. In this article, we discuss life insurance for people without a social security number.

Is It Possible For People To Obtain Life Insurance Without A Social Security Number?

The answer to this question is yes. Yes, you can obtain life insurance even if you don’t have a social security number.

The amount and type of life insurance depend on the following:

(1) If you have a valid, work VISA

(2) If you have an ITIN. Note: even undocumented immigrants can obtain life insurance

We discuss these two scenarios next.

Life Insurance For People Without A Social Security Number

If you don’t have a social security number, you may feel at a stand-still. You don’t have to anymore. We at My Family Life Insurance have options for you. The amount of life insurance and the type depends upon what kind of documentation you have. We discuss people who are here in the US on work VISAs and those with ITINs


Life Insurance For People With Work VISAs

If you don’t have a social security number, but have a valid work VISA, you can obtain life insurance. However, not any type of VISA will do. For example, visitor VISAs usually don’t qualify you for US-based life insurance. Additionally, your country of citizenship matters, too.

Generally speaking, the following VISAs qualify you for life insurance:

H1-B or H-VISAs



Some J-VISAs

Your country of citizenship matters, too. The United States has laws for life insurance on people from other countries. Some countries don’t allow their citizens to purchase life insurance outside their citizenship country. France is one, for example. Relations matter, too. The US has a list of countries it prohibits the sale of life insurance due to poor or unsettling relations. If you are a physician on a J-VISA here, with the intention to live in the US long-term, that alone qualifies you. However, if you are a physician on a J-VISA here from Iran or another country prohibited by the US, you, unfortunately, won’t qualify.

If you are on another VISA here in the US, then you need to clearly show your connection to the US. Usually, this is done by showing a US business interest.

As discussed, the type of life insurance available depends on the country you are from. Most countries on the “A” list can obtain life insurance like any other US citizen. This includes term life insurance. If you are on the “B”, “C”, or  “D” country list, your life insurance is usually limited to permanent life insurance like whole life or universal life.

If you have any questions or would like to find out if you qualify, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Life Insurance For People With ITINs

Let’s say you are an undocumented immigrant and have lived here for a number of years. You have no intention of going back to your birth country. Can you obtain life insurance? Yes, you can. Even if you don’t have a social security number, you can obtain life insurance. You do, however, need an important document.

That document is an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). You can obtain an ITIN through the IRS. There are some requirements. Generally, the requirements are that you pay federal income tax. If you do, then you can apply for an ITIN.

If you have an ITIN, we work with several carriers that accept ITINs as the identifying document. No social security number required. There is one carrier in particular that whose application is quick and easy. The application is online and takes 10 minutes to apply. We can help you over the phone or send you the link directly. Applying for life insurance in this case is very easy. Honestly, it has to be the easiest life insurance application I work with. However, the death benefit is limited to $250,000.

We also work with many other carriers if you are in need of a death benefit greater than $250,000.  The underwriting is a little more involved; however, if you are healthy with no health conditions, we likely can help you obtain life insurance in a week. Even those looking for death benefits below $250,000 might consider this option because the premiums are more affordable.

Let’s go back to the physician whose citizenship is Iran. If she has lived here a long time and has an ITIN, we likely could get her some level of life insurance.


What If I Can’t Get An ITIN?

If you don’t have an ITIN, there is another option. It is not a perfect way of obtaining life insurance, but it is possible. You would potentially have to reapply every couple of years per your state rules. However, it is possible to obtain life insurance even if you don’t have an ITIN. But, I must stress, that I do recommend obtaining an ITIN because that document makes applying for a life insurance policy much easier. Contact us if you would like to learn more.


What Do I Need To Do To Obtain Life Insurance?

We would need to discuss your situation in more detail. We at My Family Life Insurance have helped many non-citizens, undocumented immigrants, and VISA-holders obtain life insurance. Every situation is different, however, and we would need to learn more about you. Here are some questions that need answering:

(1) What country are you a citizen of?

(2) How long have you been in the US?

(3) Date of entry (month/year) to the US?

(4) What specific form of VISA are you here on?

(5) Have you applied for permanent residency?
(a) If so how far along in the process are you?

(6) Are you married to a US citizen?
(a) Or do you have children, born here in the US?

(7) Do you own any property or business here in the US?

(8) What are your occupation and income?

(9) What is your plan to stay here permanently?
(a) Any foreign travel planned, back home?…or to anywhere else of possible concern?

(10) Face amount and plan type you’re considering?

(11) Do you have an ITIN?

(12) Any health conditions diagnosed or treated by a physician in the last 5 years? Any hospitalizations in the last 5 years as well?

These are some of the questions that need answering. We would go over your situation in detail to make sure you qualify and, if so, we then match the right carrier to your situation.

After that, we can describe the underwriting process. The underwriting process depends on your situation.



We hope you enjoyed our article on life insurance for people without a social security number. Do you have an ITIN? Contact us. We can supply the application link and walk you through the process. The application takes 10 minutes and within a few days you should have life insurance!

If you are not eligible for an ITIN, we have other options.

In either case, you generally can obtain life insurance!

Feel free to reach out to us. We have helped many people with ITINs, or without, obtain life insurance. What makes us different? We truly care about your situation and have your best interest. It is the only way we know how to work. You can contact us or use the form below to reach us.

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